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Offering the most up to date analysis of each patient's physical condition through chiropractic care, nutritional status testing, and blood analysis.

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Dr. Terry L Burke, DC

"Chiropractic care is my main interest. The care of the human frame is essential to health. This care provides the avenue of expression of the nervous system as it courses through the spinal column to every tissue of the body. The nervous system is the master system of the body, controlling and coordinating all other systems. I am able to discuss any and all other health concerns, like other bodily conditions, blood, and nutritional analysis questions since I am a licensed Chiropractic Clinical Nutritionist."


"They are amazingly caring. I have been seeing Dr Burke for almost 3 years. I had seen multiple Ortho Surgeons, Physical Therapists and no one could tell me what was making me hurt. Dr Burke was able to tell me right away. He fixed the problem. Now when my back goes out, he gets me right in and ALWAYS helps me feel better. He always says "I am here when you need me." He doesn't have you continue going unless you feel like you need to. He and Wilma genuinely care."

"Dr. Burke helped me get better in just a few visits and now I have been going ever since. He is very Knowledgeable and gives great advice on how to not hurt yourself next time. Great doctor and he is always able to fit me in his schedule if I’m needing an adjustment that day. Also I just want everyone to know I was not charged some crazy amounts for new patient or anything else it was just my co-pay easy in the billing department!"

Shani Mann

Craig MacKay

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