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"This has been a marvelous journey through time. This has allowed me to experience the advancements of the science of chiropractic care, naturopathic care, and nutritional care. We treat our patients like family, always with their best interest at heart."

Dr. Terry L Burke is a man of great passion and a family man at heart. He believes nearly all good men have a great supportive spouse at home, and for him that couldn’t be any more of the truth. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to helping others and together they have raised 12 great children and have enjoyed the fruits of 45 grandchildren. He has studied his whole life to learn many successful ways to help his patients achieve their goals for a healthier future and treats all his patients like family. 


After pursuing his education to achieve the dream of providing therapeutic natural alternative treatments, he has a duel license in the state of Idaho as a Chiropractic Physician-Clinical Nutrition.  These treatments include Vitamin C IV's, Medical Ozone, and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy for health conditions not amenable to modern medicine or as a complimentary addition to modern medicine.

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