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A physical examination is performed to access range of motion of the spine and associated structures. I then use the Activator Instrument examination protocols to access the body and adjust those areas found with the light force Impulse adjusting instrument. Physio therapeutic modalities may be used to facilitate healing and improvement. 


I choose to utilize standard routine blood/saliva testing to access any possible bodily nutritional deficiency's. Then, whatever deficiencies/excesses that are found are treated with natural medicines of vitamins, glandulars, minerals, or herbal/homeopathic formulas. These treatments help restore the body to it's optimum health.


While reviewing blood/saliva tests, I look for any deviations outside the normal. Individual tests may lean near the boards of within the normal limits and an asterisk not given because of this. Having your individual test results near the boards is a sign that these tests are possibly approaching an abnormal state and the body is distressed/diseased.

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